Issue 84 - 12th October 2021

Reactive PR, real life Squid Games, content marketing trends and ghosts add value to your home


Having a ghost can add £48,000 to the value of your house

The research by Inventorybase found that if you live in a haunted house you could sell your home for up to £48,000 more than the average street price.The experts at Inventorybase analysed 5 of the UK’s most haunted available to buy home. Campaign by Add People.

People Are Actually Participating In A Real Life Squid Game

It turns out there are others that are keen, too, because there's actually a real life 'Squid Game' being held in Abu Dhabi - and without the imminent fear of death, it actually sounds pretty fun... The Korean Cultural Centre in the United Arab Emirates is putting together a reenactment of some of the show's most terrifying games, and giving two teams of 15 participants the opportunity to play them.

Are we losing our love of classic British dishes?

Over a third of the 2000 respondents to the survey from Mortar Research, commissioned by Aldi, hadn’t tried black pudding, a British food traditionally found in a Full English breakfast.

The Sole Concept

Check out The Sole Supplier’s footwear of the future with the hottest sneaker. What your feet go in today could be totally different by tomorrow, with revolutionary designs, crazy innovations and timeless classics always being reinvented and reimagined. Campaign by Rise at Seven.

Unhealthy bedtime habits and poor sleep could cause ‘rise in mental health problems’

The study, which surveyed 203 healthcare professionals and was conducted by Perrigo, found that 85% of the experts – including doctors and pharmacists – say poor sleep has a ‘significant impact’ on the mental health of patients.

Home fragrance expert reveals the perfect scent for autumn

It turns out that the best home fragrance to autumn doesn’t have to rely on the familiar pumpkin pie notes. We’ve asked Chrissie Rucker, OBE & Founder of The White Company, to comment on what scents she would pick to make the darker nights cosy.


Proactive PR is one of the most underrated #linkbuilding activities

Great advice from David White on LinkedIn on using what you already have to build links.

9 Easy Local Link Building Tactics

Every major local SEO organic and map pack study and survey shows links as one of the most prominent ranking factors. So if you want to rank yours or your client’s local business higher in Google, then you’re going to need backlinks. Article by Patrick Stox.

Statista Content Marketing Trend Study 2021

The report is based on a Statista online survey of the content marketing strategies of businesses around the world. Find out more about the challenges and success factors in content marketing and gain an insight into the most popular approaches taken by international companies.

E-A-T & Link Building: A Guide to Evaluating Prospects

E-A-T can be leveraged for link opportunities and guide you in creating content that will add value to the pages that link to your site. Article by Kevin Rowe.