Issue 83 - 5th October 2021

Futureproof your PR strategy, Simpsons x Balenciaga, building deep links and Bach's Spotify earnings


The 2021 Uber Lost & Found Index

The Uber Lost & Found Index provides a snapshot of our riders’ most commonly forgotten and most unique lost items. They also highlight which cities have been most forgetful, which times of day and days of the week riders forget items most, and of course, tips on how to get any lost items back using the Uber app. 

D’oh! couture: Balenciaga puts The Simpsons on Paris catwalk

It was the standout coup of Paris fashion week. Balenciaga secured a catwalk debut from Homer and Marge Simpson, accompanied by Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Justin Bieber joined Anna Wintour to applaud from the front row.

Bach is the most streamed classical composer EVER on Spotify

Johann Sebastian Bach comes out on top with 6 million monthly plays, bringing in around $300.000 per year. But what could these composers have earned if Spotify existed in their era? Great campaign from a German tourism site.

Great British Bake Off: How much it would cost to create your very own Bake Off kitchen at home

The tent has reopened its doors and Paul, Prue, Noel and Matt are back to take us through 10 weeks of pure baking talent. Often Bake Off can be inspiring to those sat at home wanting to get involved, but how about fully recreating the Bake Off atmosphere in your own home? By Propellernet.


Surviving the Covid News Agenda & How to Futureproof Digital PR and Link Building

Shannon McGurk discusses how we can make that distinction quickly and efficiently when the news agenda is ever changing.

How to build backlinks. A thread for SEO newbies.

Tim Soulo breaks link building down for beginners. Good for a refresher (though I’d suggest avoiding paying for links at all costs).

How to Use Content & PR to Build Deep Links

Almost half of us in the SEO and digital PR community aren't spending any time building links to core keyword pages. Learn how to start with this article by Tom Jeffery.