Issue 78 - 24th August 2021

Space plants, changing up your pitches, twisted toys, and money = happiness?


Twisted Toys

This campaign by created a collection of mock toys which mimic online abuse have been unveiled by a children’s rights group to highlight how certain behaviours permitted online would never be tolerated in the real world. Spooky stuff but a great idea.

This is how much you should actually be spending on wedding gifts

The experts at Ocean Finance have thankfully run the numbers to help wedding guests decide how much is appropriate to spend on the all-important present. And it does seem to depend on where you sit in the wedding party. By Bekki Ramsay at Evolved.

The Hidden Melodies of Subways Around the World

Ted Green has been collecting the sounds and sights of transit systems for more than a decade. He travels frequently for work, as a civil engineer, and in every city he visits, he rides the mass transit system and films video of the closing doors, replete with the announcements and the telltale chimes — beeps, ding-dongs, jingles and arpeggios that warn riders around the world to stand clear.

This is how much money you need to be happy, according to science

In 2020, researchers analysed data from the Office for National Statistics and Happy Planet Index to find out how much money the average Briton would need to live a happy life. The answer: £33,864 or more. By Paige at Rise at Seven.

Spinach, rice and tobacco: These are the plants we could grow in outer space

With some predicting that Earth could become unliveable in the future, planets within relatively easy reach could be the answer. A new report by Bloom & Wild looks into which planets would be suitable to host certain plants. Campaign by NOVOS.


Effective Email Outreach: 5 Lessons From 111 Emails

Email outreach is a staple of link building that the SEO industry swears by. And while it seems pretty straightforward on the surface, there are quite a few not-so-obvious roadblocks that might prevent you from succeeding at it. By Tim Soulo.

How to Increase your Link Building Campaigns Outreach Emails Open Rates & Success

Learn how to craft and send outreach emails that are actually opened and allows you to achieve link building success with the amazing Bibi The Link Builder and Surena Chande!


Laura Wilson talks all about the importance of changing up your PR tactics including, your campaigns, press releases, pitch emails and subject lines. All of which are really important in getting the most out of your outreach. The top journalists are coming out and saying that they’re getting upwards of 800+ emails a day, so if you’re not targeting your pitch to them how can you expect it to stand out and be seen.