Issue 77 - 17th August 2021

57m unclaimed holiday days, secret tips on staying creative, the dirty dozen, and rescuing a poor performing campaign


You can get a candle based on your dog's breed and personality

Mancunian dog lover and founder of the brand is 29-year-old Alana Mustill. She was inspired by her Dachshund, Bow, to create something that dog lovers will enjoy and help appreciate their own breeds.

Alana said: “As a sausage dog owner I get a lot of gifts that have sausage dogs on, so I wanted to make a more ‘grown up’ gift for dog lovers.”


The findings, collated by London plant hire specialist Herts Tools, come from a freedom of information request to the Metropolitan Police. The data reveals the impact of tool theft on livelihoods, the cost of the crime and the most affected areas in London. Shout out to Holly Barry.

More than 57 MILLION days of annual leave went unclaimed in 2020 – and it’s going to be the same this year

In 2020, 48 per cent considered it to be ‘pointless’ to take annual leave as Covid restrictions meant they couldn’t go abroad anyway.

Simon Thompson, managing director of Warner Leisure Hotels said: “We were really concerned to discover so many Brits aren’t making time for themselves this year – our results indicate people are more stressed and in need of this than ever before. Shout out to Abi Herbert for this one.

‘Dirty Dozen’ of brands most often found littered on UK beaches revealed

Twelve companies are behind almost two-thirds of all branded packaging left on UK coastlines, according to marine conservation charity Surfers Against Sewage (SAS).

The top 12 most littered brands included Walkers crisps, Tesco, Stella Artois, Lucozade and Costa Coffee.

10 most expensive celebrity homes worth almost $700m combined

When it comes to celebrity homes, one thing is sure, they don't come cheap! The mortgage experts at not only can tell you about the best megamansions in your area, but they've also analysed the crème de la crème of A-list pads. These 10 mansions tot up to almost $700million – be prepared to be blown away!

Top OnlyFans Star Earns Almost 270 Times More Than A Doctor, Study Suggests

Gaming software site MrQ did a little digging, totting up a list of the top earners by looking through users who shared their number of subscribers, before multiplying their subscription fee by this number. Campaign by Callum Talyor.


Top Secret Tips to Ideation and Staying Creative

Marina has shared her secrets to approaching the process, showing how she comes up with an idea under pressure and what her biggest pieces of advice are.

15 tips for getting the most out of Google Trends

“How to use Google Trends?” and “how does Google Trends work?” were among the most-searched. So Google decided to answer them with these 15 tips to help you get the most out of the tool and uncover interesting insights. 

Coupon Link Building for Ecommerce: A Step-by-Step Guide

Offering coupons is nothing new in the world of ecommerce, but coupon codes do more than just entice customers to buy from you. They’re also an effective tool for ecommerce link building. By Kevin Rowe.

Interview With Hannah Smith

In this episode of The Business of Content, Hannah Smith shares her thoughts on managing creative teams, predicting content success, and more.

How to Rescue a Poor Performing Campaign 

Has a campaign not performed as well as you'd expect? Content Marketing Director, David White, shares some solutions to fix it and get the coverage it needs.