Issue 76 - 10th August 2021

Vaccinologist Barbie, PR and principles, meatball scented candles, and shrinking media output


Vaccinologist Barbie: Prof Sarah Gilbert honoured with a doll

Prof Sarah Gilbert has had quite a year. The co-creator of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab has been made a dame, been given an emotional standing ovation at Wimbledon – and now a Barbie doll has been made in her honour.

IKEA Just Released A Candle That Smells Like Their Famous Meatballs

The candle is part of IKEA's Store in a Box, a collection of unknown items the company will give away in celebration of the 10th anniversary of its loyalty program. 

Matchmaker Astrologer Reveals Which Star Signs Are More Likely To Cheat

Whilst we all know being unfaithful is a choice and we all have free will, there are apparently some star signs that are more inclined to cheat, ghost and be flaky.

Lucy Porter, 27, has been working as an astrologer for five years and says air signs such as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are ones to be more wary of when it comes to cheating as they tend to be commitment-phobes.

See the stars: Discover the best stargazing sites in the UK

Currently, there are 18 recognised Dark Sky Reserves worldwide, with the UK being home to an impressive seven of these star-studded locations. With staycation bookings being at an all-time high, now is the perfect chance to fulfill those dreams and wake up the inner astronomer inside of you. By SweetcombeCottages.

Living in an area with better Deliveroo options could add tens of thousands to the value of your hom

While seeking quality property advice is essential for selling your home at a good price, brand-new research by property portal Boomin has found that living in an area with a wide choice of restaurants and takeaway options is very important to buyers. Campaign by Propellernet.

Great Escapes: 11 Alternatives To America’s Crowded National Parks

The Body Shop recently did a study of the best places to escape into nature by analyzing air quality, outdoor activities and green spaces. The state that come out on top: Alaska, which has over three million square feet of national and state parks, plus plenty of space to avoid the masses. Campaign by iProspect.


Are you paying for links with your principles?

A survey by Olivia Wiltshire at Builtvisible to give the opportunity to anonymously share how you’re feeling about the link building industry, the targets, methodologies used and publications that proliferate hate. Results will be collated and shared in a follow-up piece.


Brands must fight harder for coverage as media output shrinks, new research finds

A report on the UK’s changing media landscape and its impact on brand communication reveals how brands are having to fight harder than ever for coverage and engage with ‘big issues’ such as social purpose and sustainability.

Brand collaborations aren’t finished yet: the importance of picking the right influencer

Anyone who’s paid attention to social media over the last few years will have noticed brand collaborations appearing everywhere. From influencer-based campaigns to high-street retailers joining forces, there’s no doubt that brand collabs have become a tried-and-tested technique for getting attention and selling products.