Issue 75 - 3rd August 2021

Cost of a tooth, Brighton SEO, intent of design and a foot long sushi roll.


Tooth Fairy finances: Research suggests the cost per tooth is now £3.42 in the UK

Whilst we don't know where Tooth Fairies get their seemingly bottomless pot of funds from, the financial experts at Raisin UK have worked out the exact size of the global Tooth Fairy fortune, including why explaining gifting to your children before they become adults is a good idea. 

You Can Now Buy Kinder Bueno Flavoured Sausages And We're Confused

A new unusual food combination has been discovered and we honestly don't know what to think. Courtesy of the Ireland-based Larmers Butchers, chocoholics and meat lovers and pick up Kinder Bueno flavoured pork sausages.

Aldi launches foot-long sushi roll for £2.49 – and it looks delicious

The budget supermarket have launched a 30cm sushi roll - combining two classic flavours together and all for under £3.

Shocking ‘Extinction Garden’ teaches us about our impact on the planet and how to reduce it

It was a shocking scene that visitors to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival were not expecting: a full-size passenger jet crashed into the ground with suitcases spilling from the smoking fuselage.

Instead of colourful blooms, the award-winning show garden was littered with odd shoes, children’s toys and random holiday items. There was no fence – just the billowing yellow tape of a police crime scene.


76 Digital PR and Content tips from Brighton SEO 2021

Another year and another Brighton SEO packed with useful tips, from top level essentials perfect for beginners to mind-blowing insights and hacks for those with more experience in the industry. The Impression digital PR team watched all the talks they deemed relevant to our industry and have gathered their top tips from the conference this year.


The JBH PR Percentage Calculator

Present your percentages in a more poignant way. Simply use the slider or start typing to find your percentage, and the calculator will show you a variety of different ways to express that percentage.


Why Intent and Design Is Important in Digital PR [Podcast]

Loren Baker sat down with the CEO of NeoMam Studios, Gisele Navarro, to talk about the importance of design and intent in Digital PR. In this episode, Giselle shares her creative process for building a successful link building campaign utilizing design and ways to bridge the gap between SEO and PR.